Team Athlete Kate Dial is a Nurse Practitioner at an orthopedic practice in Nashville Tennessee.  When she’s not working, she’s in the gym.  She and her husband Tim were both college basketball players so being active has always been part of their daily lives.

Kate found CrossFit in 2010, then dabbled in figure competitions, triathlons, and anything else that gave her a goal to work towards.  She finally settled back in to CrossFit and hasn’t looked back. 

Her goal: to live her life in such a way that it inspires others to strive to be the best version of themselves-and have fun while doing it! CrossFit gives her that platform.  And companies like NutriFitt are gracious enough to bring her on board to help spread the word that you should never settle for anything less than your best.

Her message: find your passion, pursue it wholeheartedly, and surround yourself with people who encourage and support you to reach your goals. 

Kate can be found on Instagram at @katertomater30

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