CARNAGE - High Stim Pre-Workout

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Product Description

An Unworldly Pre-Workout

That May Not Be Suitable for Some Humans… BE WARNED

NutriFitt CARNAGE is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in a pre-workout.

With clinical dosing and powerful patented ingredients, this high-stim pre-workout
demands respect. When this formula hits, it hits HARD.
*WARNING: Not suitable for those sensitive to stimulants
  • Full Disclosure Label
  • Patented Ingredients
  • Intense Pumps
  • Boost Energy
  • Heighten Focus
  • Elevate Strength & Power
  • Promote Fat Oxidation

Product Details

NutriFitt Full Disclosure Label

All NutriFitt products feature a 100% fully transparent label, so you can feel comfortable knowing exactly what you are putting in your body. No proprietary blends and no mystery doses. Each active ingredient is clearly stated, which allows you to purchase and use our products with complete confidence.



L-Citrulline is a powerful ingredient that can help dilate the blood vessels and help shuttle oxygenated blood and nutrients into the workingmuscles. This dilation and influx of blood into the muscles can drastically help increase the pump you can achieve and volumization. Additionally, citrulline can help boost growth hormone (GH) levels following intense workouts.



This common yet powerful ingredient as a standalone is incredibly helpful, but when combined with other ingredients, it can have a compounding domino effect. Beta-alanine has been shown to increase performance in high-intensity activities such as weight training, can help reduce fatigue, and may elevate muscular endurance. With the ability to increase total exercise volume, you may find an improvement in lean muscle tissue growth.


Betaine Anhydrous

When it comes to a one-two punch, betaine has a stellar combination. With the ability to not only help reduce overall fat mass, betaine can also aid in building new lean muscle tissue. Betaine can increase muscle force and power output while improving muscle endurance as well. Additionally, supplementing with betaine may help minimize muscle soreness following intense bouts of exercise.



Workout performance can determine the type of results you get from your efforts. Taurine is the perfect addition to an intra-workout supplement as it has the ability to enhance muscular contractability, increase force production, and reduce muscular fatigue. Taurine has been shown to be able to help remove waste products such as lactic acid from the muscles, which can allow you the ability to push your body further and harder during each set. Muscle soreness and DOMS can also be minimized through the inclusion of taurine.



This patented complex of bonded arginine silicate can help take your training performance to new heights. Nitrosigine is a powerful non-stim ingredient that has been used in 30 studies and is deemed incredibly useful for those who exercise. The use of Nitrosigine can help promote nitric oxide (NO) production to enhance blood vessel dilation and improved blood flow, which can provide you with the pump you desire during workouts. Additionally, Nitrosigine can help fuel your workouts by providing a boost in energy as well as heighten focus to achieve a solid mind-muscle connection.



A trademarked ingredient that can boost energy, enhance muscle endurance, and plays a key role in transmitting messages throughout the nervous system. VitaCholine can also help boost nitric oxide (NO) to promote intense muscular pumps. Additionally, this unique ingredient can help improve the mind-muscle connection during workouts to help tax those deep muscle fibers.


Caffeine Anhydrous

An ingredient that needs no introduction, caffeine is the most popular stimulant on the market. Caffeine can help get you through the most grueling workouts. It has the ability to increase energy, decrease fatigue, improve cognition, and even support recovery post-workout.


Halostachys Caspica Extract

While this ingredient’s name doesn’t exactly flow off of the tongue, its many benefits can make up for it. This natural ingredient can increase metabolic rate, improve glucose management, boost energy, heighten focus, and help control appetite and cravings. Halostachys caspica extract may become even more potent when combined with stimulants such as caffeine.



A 100% natural and patented compound that can help promote gut health and increase the absorption of various ingredients to maintain their full potency. Astragin helps prevent the body from allowing ingredients to pass through the digestive tract without being broken down and utilized.



This patented ingredient can be considered the glue that keeps a formulation together. The active compound has both antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties while also helping to improve the absorption of nutrients and other ingredients. BioPerine may also aid in brain function, blood sugar regulation, and healthy digestion.



Yohimbine is a powerful ingredient that can improve muscular pumps through enhancing blood flow, may increase energy production, and can elevate workout performance. This ingredient works great alongside other stimulants like caffeine to help you get through the most demanding workouts.


Rauwolfia Extract

This commonly used herb, used for centuries in East Asia, can help increase blood flow and circulation. By improving vasodilation, rauwolfia extract aids in nutrient transport, which can help provide your muscles with what they need to get through intense training sessions and perform optimally. Additionally, rauwolfia extract may aid in fat-burning and boost energy levels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Adam Ridley
One Word: STRONG

For me I think this product is an amazing value because most days 1/3 to 1/2 scoop is all I need. I mix it with pump products for some kick. I'm 245lbs and can seriously say a full serving should be used with caution.

Michael Tenenblatt
Amazing energy!!

Great clean energy, awesome pumps! 10 out of 10!!!

Sean Zerkle


Jack Madera

It was really good in beginning then gives a crash toward the second half of my workout

Christian Ernst
Out of this world

I have used numerous preworkouts over the years from the original Jack3d (RIP) to NOxplode to Total War to any sample I was sent by comapnies. Carnage ranks in my top 3. I'm more of a higher stim person as I workout early and this definitely packs the energy I need in the morning. The focus is outstanding and the energy is the perfect amount. No jitters or sick feeling from over-stimulation. The pump is excellent and truly enhances my workouts. It gives smooth crisp energy, focus, and workout enhancement that lasts longer than any competitor. After my workouts there is no need for coffe in the morning since energy stays with me and tapers off slowly and smoothly.

Last of all: the flavor. Alien Pop is a flavor masterpiece, a true culinary spiritual experience. I've had great flavors before, but Alien Pop is THE BEST. It truly is the tits.

All in all: Carnage rocks. You can't go wrong using it for any workout. Cycling, weightlifting, bodybuilding, crossfit, you can use it for anything.

We’ll make sure to keep enlightening those taste buds my man!!!

Dustin Salyer

Great taste, awesome pumps, smooth energy and improves strength and mental focus.

Jeremy Spaulding
Great product

I bought this product to cycle between use of dmma/dmha pres. At 400 mg of caffeine it provides a nice smooth sustainable release of energy for me. Carnage allowed me to power through my lifting and cardio sessions issue free. It was easy on the stomach mixes easily and the taste isnt bad. Definitely recommend

Stephanie Shafer
Great Product!

Another great product from a great company. I have tried many different preworkout sups but this one is by far my favorite. It provides a great pump and mental focus.