Channéll Holmgren is an Entrepreneur, Certified Personal Trainer, Dietetic Technician and Life Coach.  Owner of Inspired By Purpose® and Inspire Me Mommy™.

As an 11+ year fitness and nutrition professional, Channéll's philosophy is performance based for all fitness levels from athlete to senior citizen. Her passion is educating and improving overall  health/wellness/ performance through integrative fitness and nutrition approaches: training the mind, body, spirit.

Channéll has been volleyball strength and conditioning coach for 200+ athletes, works 1 on 1 with football/basketball professionals, as well as specialty mommy and me programs for future generations. She provides customized fitness programming to all fitness levels from athlete-senior citizen through her companies IBP and IMM. 

Channéll believes that mental training is just as important as physical training; her programs include physical training, mental training and community connection resources to inspire you to get active in life! 

From personal experience, Channéll understands that there is more to a fitness program than just sweating; it's far more complex than that, yet it's important to keep it simple and master your body weight first! "Mental Magic" happens when you realize your mind and body are connected! Fitness training is about more than aesthetics, it's also about living a healthy life. 

No matter your goal, there is always a next level and Inspired By Purpose® serves to help you achieve that goal. IBP services works with the community to provide services to: senior citizens, stroke victims, general fitness clients, moms and has a vested interest in weight loss/obesity prevention and healing.

Channéll develops challenging, yet realistic and customized plans to help you achieve a long-term lifestyle. You will be challenged to overcoming your struggles, educated and most of all have fun! Channéll offers 1 on 1, Partner, Group Training, Nutrition Programming, Goal Coaching.  

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Are you a mom with kids at home? Visit www.inspirememommy.com

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Inspired By Purpose®

Founder, Personal Trainer, Life Coach, DT