Team athlete Brooklyn is a CrossFitter, music lover, and overall fitness junkie. By day she works for ASCAP on music row. When she’s not working in the music industry she spends her time at the gym pushing the limits with her CrossFit crew. Brooke fell in love with CrossFit because of the family type community that it strives to create. She found not only a place to compete and push herself but also arms to hold her after a long day. That coupled with her NutriFitt team, Nashville quickly became a home away from home.

Before she found her passion for CrossFit she was a professional model and singer weighing in at only 120 lbs and 5’9”. She realized that it was more important to set a healthy example for those who looked up to her than to starve herself to maintain a certain image. Today, she’s put on 30lbs of muscle and vowed to always take care of her body over anything else. Now, she lives by the moto that it’s more important to love your body for the incredible things that it can do instead of simply what it looks like. She encourages women to question the standards that the media has set and work to find their inner confidence. 

You can follow Brooklyn’s journey on Instagram @Brooke_Basaran.

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