Have you ever had one of those days where you swore you would have forgotten your head if it wasn’t attached to your neck? A day where mentally you just weren’t there nor at your best? It happens to all of us – some of us more than others. Mental performance is incredibly important when it comes to daily functioning (especially at work). While stimulants have been the craze to get us all through brutal days, there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s enforcing change. His name? Nootropics.

The best way to describe nootropics is to refer to the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper. In the movie, Cooper takes a "smart pill" and instantly his mental performance increases. He can learn a new language in a matter of hours, write an entire book in a few days, and basically, any situation where he needed to focus, think, remember, or learn, was all heightened.

Sounds great, right? Nootropics are. While the movie may be a stretch on the truth of what nootropics can help you achieve, they aren’t really that far off.

Nootropics are essentially cognitive enhancers. They allow for improved mental performance in many different areas. Such supplements can be used and benefited by anyone looking for cognitive benefits (you still want to check with your doctor before taking any new supplements).

Since you’re reading this article on NutriFitt, clearly, you’re into health and fitness. That being said, you may be wondering why we are discussing nootropics and what they have to do with you and achieving your health and fitness goals. Truth be told, nootropics are multifaceted in that they are like an onion – they have layers. When you take nootropics, the layers start to peel back and you can reap all of the benefits they have to offer layer by layer.

So, circling back. You’re probably asking, “How does this affect me?” In many ways actually. Let’s look at all of the ways supplementing with nootropics can help you throughout the day both in the office or at school as well as in the gym.

1. Memory

Whether you’re a gamer or someone who simply has some difficulty remembering things, nootropics can help enhance your memory. Not only can this prove to be beneficial in your everyday life (such as if you frequently forget where you put your keys, wallet, or cellphone), but also at work when someone asks you to do or complete something.

2. Motivation

We could all use a little pat on the butt sometimes to get motivated and get moving. Through the use of nootropics, you may find yourself more motivated throughout the day. There are times where we all feel lazy and complacent. Nootropics can help you get out of the funk and find your motivation to keep you productive.

3. Creativity and Strategic Thinking

You get paid the big bucks at your job to perform. When you don’t perform, well, bad things can happen. Therefore, it’s imperative for you to stay on top of your game and be able to think strategically and creatively to complete tasks and projects that find their way to your desk. When you supplement with nootropics, you can get that extra little edge you need to remind your boss why he values you so much.

4. Concentration and Focus

Let's completely flip the switch and head into the gym rather than the boardroom or classroom. When you are in the gym, you are there to tear down muscle fibers to help them grow back bigger and stronger (hypertrophy). When you use nootropics, you have the ability to flip a switch and get completely dialed into your workout. You may find you have a better mind-muscle connection and can feel the activation of all your muscle fibers when you execute a repetition. The better your mind-muscle connection, the better chance you have of completely annihilating a muscle group during a workout.

5. Sense of Well-Being and Happiness

Life is not easy. Unfortunately, many will find themselves at the bottom of a bottle or passed out on the street from recreational drugs – not exactly the best way to handle stress in your life. A better alternative would be nootropics. A safer alternative to the other methods that were just mentioned. Nootropics can help put you in a better mood by altering the chemicals in your brain. Many even consider nootropic supplements as "happy pills." Regardless of what you call them, through their use you can feel better throughout the day.

6. Mental Energy and Stress Reduction

When you are overly stressed, how do you feel? Probably mentally drained and worn out, right? Nootropics can help change that by allowing you to better manage stress and improve mental energy to perk you back up and help get you through even the most grueling days. Mental fatigue is no joke and when it hits you, it can cause the opposite effect of many of the things mentioned above.

Once people try nootropics for themselves, they fully understand how their mind and body react, and when they do, they never go a day without supplementing with them. They truly are a game-changer and something that can help you perform optimally from a mental and cognitive standpoint.

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