It’s common for people in the health and fitness world to get all wrapped up in protein sources, creatine, amino acids, pre-workouts, and similar products, but when is the last time you heard someone in a supplement store talking about micronutrients? Some of you may actually be scratching your head and asking what the heck a micronutrient is. Micronutrients are vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that help keep us healthy and performing optimally without us even realizing it. For that very reason, I recommend people look into performance multivitamins if they live an active lifestyle.

Because of how active you are, your body is in a constant daily need for nutrient replenishment. When you aren’t using high-quality performance multivitamins, you might not be giving your body everything it needs to run like a well-oiled machine. The demands you put on your body daily are quite taxing and for that reason, not just any multivitamin will do.

Did you know that there are vitamins that help manage and produce hormones in the body? It’s true. And when you aren’t taking in the proper amount of micronutrients to replenish used up micronutrients, you can become deficient and find yourself falling victim to health issues and a lack of progress from your training in the gym.

The list above goes on and on. However, if you find yourself deficient in a particular micronutrient, it can have severe consequences to your health. Even those who say they consume a wide variety of foods each day can find themselves deficient in one area or another. The fact of the matter is, you may think you are eating a wide variety of foods and in a high enough quantity, but the amount necessary to fulfill all micronutrients is nearly impossible to do through whole food sources alone. It’s very difficult. You truly need to consider utilizing performance multivitamins to ensure you don’t have any gaps that you aren’t aware of. Having gaps can negatively affect your recovery from an active lifestyle or intense training sessions in the gym.

Circling back, as the name would imply, there are many performance aspects of multivitamins as well. Something like vitamin A helps create glycogen to be used by the muscles as energy while also supporting protein synthesis to help build muscle. Vitamin B3 supports healthy hormone production and can also aid in producing muscular pumps when resistance training. Vitamin D3 also helps with hormone production. Vitamin B12 helps produce red blood cells which are the cells that carry oxygen throughout the body. The increase in red blood cells helps improve overall performance. Then you have micronutrients like vitamin C and folic acid that help repair torn down muscle fibers. Chromium and molybdenum play a key role in supporting your metabolism to ensure you can properly and effectively burn calories and fat as a source of energy.

The nice thing about some of the performance multivitamins on the market today is that some of them include “extra ingredients” to further support your active lifestyle. On top of a full spectrum of micronutrients, you may also find some performance multivitamins having ingredients that can help with other areas of your overall health such as saw palmetto for prostate health or extra biotin and collagen for hair, skin and nail health.

Additionally, you may find some formulas utilizing ingredients like Tribulus to help improve your body’s ability to naturally increase testosterone levels which tend to start declining after the age of 30. Some may also provide extra ingredients that can improve brain functioning and cognition, or liver support, kidney support, heart health, natural energy boosters, and many others.

While a commonly found multivitamin may suit your needs, it’s the extra (thoughtful) ingredients in a multivitamin that can take a standard multivitamin and turn it into helpful performance multivitamins to aid with a plethora of things.

Your body is smarter than you think. If you are deficient in various nutrients, it will tell you one way or another. Also, some vitamins work off of others being present so if you are deficient in one area, chances are you could be deficient in other areas as well. For instance, vitamin D3 not only helps regulate hormones and mood, but it also helps the body effectively absorb calcium which is used to support healthy bones. Everything works effortlessly hand in hand and the only way to ensure you are getting the proper micronutrients is to utilize something like performance multivitamins.

We looked at all aspects of a male and female's biology and determined some key areas where their nutrition could be lacking and where there could be gaps in micronutrients as well as full-blown deficiencies. For that reason, we spent quite a long time researching and sourcing ingredients until we were happy with the formula and launched some of our own performance multivitamins.

NutriFitt Vita-Fitt was created to provide men and women with the nutrients they need to optimize their health, help ward off deficiencies, and aid in enhancing their active lifestyle and performance. Vita-Fitt contains multiple key ingredients to help improve and support a man and woman's needs. On top of being slammed with quality vitamins and minerals, Vita-Fitt also contains other helpful ingredients like L-Arginine, Maca, Ginseng, Tribulus, Green Tea Extract, Collagen, Colostrum, Grape Seed Extract, and Saw Palmetto.

Helpful antioxidants are also present to help fight off free radicals which could damage or destroy healthy cells and create health issues. Your body is constantly at battle with free radicals. You even create free radicals from oxidative stress when exercising.

Additionally, we formulated Vita-Fitt to be a slow release and gradual absorption rate to help ensure all of the vital ingredients in the formulation are broken down and fully utilized. This prolonged period of time helps maximize bioavailability so you don’t waste your performance multivitamins while at the same time helping to maximize your performance and health.

Give Vita-Fitt a try and see what high-quality performance multivitamins are all about!

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