The Power Behind Thermo Fitt

By: Matt Weik

With so many fat burners on the market these days, it’s hard to decide which is best for your individual needs. You have fat burners that are more driven by stimulants that only provide a boost in energy. You have fat burners that only focus on increasing metabolism. You have fat burners that truly only help control appetite and water retention. Then, of course, you have those which contain various ingredients that are an all-inclusive product. Obviously, you need to choose what best fits your goals and the results you are trying to achieve. That being said, there’s one fat burner out there that should cover most, if not all, of your concerns. What is that product? It’s Thermo Fitt.

What makes Thermo Fitt so special? Well, as you would imagine, it comes down to the ingredients in the product. Thermo Fitt includes 13 full-strength fat-burning ingredients with clinical dosing to ensure you are getting efficacious amounts each time you use the product. Additionally, Thermo Fitt includes 100% of your daily value of 10 vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) to aid in improving your overall health and well-being. Something that not many people think about is how a product actually makes them FEEL. If a product makes you feel terrible, gives you the shakes or jitters, or has a terrible crash after the products affect wear off, is that really a product you want to be taking? Probably not. Thermo Fitt has the ability to enhance your overall mood, health, satiety, and focus throughout the day. Allowing you to be more productive and have better cognition both at work and while training in the gym.

Far too many people take the product label at face value and don’t truly understand what the main ingredients are or even what they are supposed to assist with. Well, I want to break that down for you so you get a better sense of exactly what you’re putting in your body so you can truly appreciate the thought process behind the formulation.

An ingredient that is extremely hot these days and for good reason… IT WORKS, is

KSM-66. This patented ingredient wears many hats and for that reason is a no-brainer for inclusion in the Thermo Fitt formula. KSM-66 has been shown to help boost natural testosterone levels which allow you the ability to put on lean muscle mass along with an increase in strength. Additionally, KSM-66 can help reduce cortisol levels, lower your levels of stress and anxiety, as well as help control blood sugar. This ancient herb packs a powerful punch and definitely stands out in this powerhouse of a formulation.

If you are looking to drop weight and body fat, ActivAMP could be your ticket. This

extract helps to switch on AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPk) which is more

commonly referred to as the “master metabolic regulator.” How does this help you and why was it added to Thermo Fitt? Well, when AMPk is activated, it flips the switch and tells your body to start producing energy by utilizing fat as a fuel source rather than storing it. This helps you eliminate body fat and allow to start leaning out over time.

ActivAMP has the ability to decrease body fat and fat mass, lower body weight and BMI, while also helping to target stubborn abdominal fat. Additionally, ActivAMP can aid in decreasing your appetite and help you feel satiated longer so you can minimize hunger pangs between meals.

Capsimax is a truly unique ingredient in that it is a beaded technology which contains an outer core that has a controlled release of capsicum extract due to its potency. If you were to compare it to something, think of it as eating the hottest pepper in the world in

terms of the heat it produces. Capsimax needs this controlled release because if

someone were to consume the concentration without a slow release, it would most certainly cause stomach issues as well as an intense burning sensation.

This extremely powerful ingredient added to Thermo Fitt can help increase lipolysis to improve your fat-burning potential. Additionally, Capsimax can aid in increasing energy levels before, during, and even after workouts – essentially fueling your day.

Another amazing benefit is the fact that while this is known as a fat-burning ingredient, it has also been shown to help increase lean muscle mass – providing you with the ability to not only burn fat but potentially gain lean muscle at the same time.

You might be thinking you’ve never heard of BioPerine before but quite frankly, you’re going to want to get a better understanding of this phenomenal ingredient and why it was added to Thermo Fitt. BioPerine is a patented extract that comes from black pepper. What makes it so important? To put it bluntly, it makes all the other ingredients important. Meaning, we all aren’t able to easily break down, digest, and absorb what we consume. One of the jobs of BioPerine is to improve the absorbency of nutrients (bioavailability) coming from the food we eat as well as the supplements we take. Ultimately, if you aren’t properly utilizing what you’re putting in your body, not only are you not getting the full benefit from it but you are also wasting money.

Another benefit of BioPerine is that it can help reduce body fat as well as inhibit the

formation of body fat from accumulating in the body. So, not only does BioPerine help make all the other ingredients in a formulation more bioavailable, but it can also align with your weight loss and fat loss goals.

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