We’ve all been there. Promising ourselves we’ll do better. Telling the world that this is our year! Declaring that this is the year we’re going to go all the way with our fitness journey. We’re going to have abs this year. We’re going to get jacked this year. We’re going to build a booty. Have that tight waist. We’re going to be…a new person. 

But you’re not! You’re you. And that’s not a bad thing. We all have a tendency to get excited about the future and about the possibilities it can bring, but once we have arrived in the future it feels a lot like the present and that’s so much less exciting. So, here are a few mistakes and corrective measures you can take to ring in the new year with some resolutions you’ll actually keep, and progress that will keep you coming back for more. Let’s not have a “new year, new me” type of January, let’s make a new year where we can grow, improve and flourish.


The old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” applies so well to fitness. Somewhere at some point, a bricklayer laid that first brick that became the foundation of the first building. That brick is lost somewhere in the many moments of history, but it was of monumental importance to the construction of the city. Same thing with your health, fitness, or any other thing you pursue in life.

When you think about taking a new direction this year, or even just getting more serious about your fitness goals, try breaking that big goal down into smaller, more manageable parts. If you identify each action item you’ll need to complete that adds up to the big picture, you’ll be able to put together a chronological check-list with some “due dates” for yourself. This is a milestone, and if you can hit all of these smaller, easier goals, eventually you’ll hit your big goal without even realizing it has arrived! It seems less daunting and gives you something to do every day that you can track. It will take a bit more planning, but it’s so worth it. 


If you’re the type to talk a big game, it’s time to start backing it up with action! If you have said that the past couple years are going to be the year for you and it just didn’t work out that way, let’s turn that around! It’s easy to say you’re going to do something and then hope no one notices when you fall off track. But you noticed. And you remember. 

Try this: Once you come up with a goal and a plan make a public declaration. Then, make a daily or weekly progress declaration to hold yourself accountable. This can be to a friend, yourself, or even a social media post, but it helps to say it out loud. And if you happen to get off track, don’t hide from it. Declare that too. You’re only human, and we can all use these little tools and tricks as well as a little support from the outside to keep us cranking on the right path. 


Speaking of help — we all need it. Maybe not all the time, but having a support system is key to continued growth. Instead of trying to go on an independent fitness journey if you feel you’re not ready for that, build a little support system for yourself. That could mean finding a workout partner with similar goals or hiring a coach or personal trainer to work with you to get the best results possible and guide you through those milestones or stumbling blocks. You can even find a few fitness personalities on the internet that you like and respect and let them be your “digital friend” to keep you on course.


Knowledge is power, and we want to be as powerful as we can. If you’re just mimicking workouts without understanding why, you will not be able to take yourself to the next level and reach a level of mastery in fitness. Guidance is good, but just picking things up from folks at the gym might not be enough for long term growth. Find some educational resources and do some research of your own to find out the best way to reach your goal. This might mean finding research papers on topics that interest you, listening to podcasts from highly educated fitness experts, or attending seminars in your area. Regardless of how you do it, learning things by listening to accredited experts as well as getting first hand experience is a winning combination that can’t be replaced.

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